Iron: Good news for Dharni Sampda at Monogaga


India’s Dharni Sampda (formerly Taurian Mangangese & Ferro Alloy SA CI) has confirmed its hold on the Monogaga iron ore deposit in the wake of a memorandum of understanding early this year Read the article here

Audience granted to the president of Taurian group, Mr. Sachin Bajla


Photos de l’audience que le Président de la République, SEM. Alassane OUATTARA, a accordée au Président du Groupe TAURIAN, M. Sachin BAJLA, ce jeudi 12 septembre 2013, au Palais de la Présidence de la République. View the complete article here

Côte D’ivoire: Dharni Sampda plans to invest 130 billion CFA Francs in deposits of Manganese and Iron

Sachin Bajla (PDG Dharni Sampda devant le pupitre)

Sachin Bajla (PDG Dharni Sampda devant le pupitre)

Mardi 09/04/2013

La firme indienne Dharni Sampda (ex-Taurian), l’unique opérateur industriel de minerais de manganèse en Côte d’Ivoire projette d’investir 130 milliards Fcfa dans des gisements de manganèse et de fer, a annoncé mardi son Président, directeur général, Sachin Bajla, à l’issue d’une réunion avec le Premier ministre ivoirien Kablan Duncan, à Abidjan. Read the complete article here 

Article Provided By The Prime Minister’s Office

President Laurent GBAGBOWritten by Prime Minister’s Office, Ivory Coast
Thursday, 20 August 2009 11:10
Ministers council press release of Thursday 19th February 2009.

Culture: la première édition du Burkina Festival a débuté au Goethe Institut à Cocody
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Taurian Resources Private Limited

Looking for making money from Nuke deal in India, look for buying stake in this company, PE investment can be one option!!! | Monday, January 19, 2009 Continue reading

Articles Featuring Taurian Manganese Ferro Alloy

Thursday, 20 August 2009 11:06
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Overseas Uranium Hunt Intensifies

The Telegraph, Kolkata edition | Oct 6, 2008

New Delhi, Oct. 5: The government has gone into overdrive in helping Indian companies acquire stakes in overseas uranium mining entities, at a time when India has forged closer ties in nuclear energy with the US. Continue reading

India Promises Nuke Biz With Us To Push 123 Deal

Times of India Mumbai | Sep 20, 2008

William Burns

New Delhi: As the Indo-US nuclear deal goes into its last lap in the US Congress, India is doing its bit to sweeten its passage.

“The Indian government has provided the US with a strong Letter of Intent, stating its intention to purchase reactors with at least 10,000 MWe worth of new power generation capacity from US firms. India has committed to devote at least two sites to US firms,” said William Burns, US undersecretary for political affairs. Continue reading

Nuclear Parks | Sep 19, 2008

With the nuclear deal squeezing past the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), India can finally make some realistic projections about the use of nuclear power in its energy mix. And if early indications are anything to go by, nuclear power could emerge as a major energy source in the country.Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd (NPCIL), the PSU that spearheads the country’s nuclear power programme, is certainly planning big. It wants to have GE, Areva, Toshiba-Westinghouse and Rosatom build two reactors each — hoping to generate an additional 8,000 MW through these projects. Continue reading

Taurian Resources Mining Manganese Ore In Ivory Coast | Sunday, 06 Jul 2008

Bloomberg reported that Indian mining company Taurian Resources is is exploring for manganese ore in Ivory Coast and is considering building a ferromanganese plant. Continue reading